First off thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!!! It has been a nice day and am looking forward to my birthday dinner tonight with friends!!

So, many of you have been asking me about my doctors visit yesterday. Both drains have been taken out so I can wear normal clothes again and I feel some what normal. But the test results are still preliminary. They tested the rest of the tissue on both sides to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread and they all came back negative but the doc had not received the final results yet. The tumor was actually even a bit smaller than originally thought. Now I just have to get some genetic testing done to determine my chance of recurrence and what my form of treatment will be….Chemo or no Chemo.

But this week has been good. The pain is subsiding slowly but surely and i am getting my energy level back!

Despite the the emotional ups and downs and physical pain of going through something like this, I feel like I was very lucky for catching this early, especially I my age. My mother has been wonderful, as well as my friends. Although, this isn’t exactly the type of attention anyone wants to get, you all have been truly amazing. The flowers and cards and emails and phone calls. I am a very lucky girl, to have friends like you around the country. I think it’s your outpouring of love and support that has made this detour bearable and successful so quickly! I love you all and again I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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  1. So proud of your bravery in a tough time, but like u said it's only a detour!!!! Continue to bless others with your strength!!! Love ya boo

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