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Well, the past week of recovery hasn’t been too bad…The past couple of days I have been able to go outside and walk around for an hour or two before I get tired! I am slowly but surely getting there. I have my post-op checkup tomorrow…Hopefully they have only good news!!!I’ll keep you all updated!Continue Reading

It’s Recovery Time

Well, The good news is the surgery went great. The preliminary lymph node test came back negative which is great news. I will get all the final test results back next weds when I go in for my checkup. I spent the night in the hospital and my mom stayed with me. I couldn’t take…Continue Reading

Well, the weekend of fun is over. Enjoyed two great baseball games, especially tonight’s comeback win by the Orioles. It was so wonderful to hang out with my family and forget about things for a while. Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes today. I received so many calls and texts and emails…I…Continue Reading

A few Days of Relaxation

I want to say thank you to everyone for their well wishes and prayers. The support is really overwhelming. Just a few more days to go…but until then I am able to spend some quality time with my family which always means lots of fun, great food and a TON of laughs… Many members of…Continue Reading

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