Family is the Best Remedy

I must start out this blog by saying…I am blessed..I have the most amazing family in the world, and who better to recover with than family. I just returned from a week long trip to Italy with 10 other member of my family. We had the most amazing time, I have never eaten so much delicious food in my life ( granted I have never eaten so much food period in my life) or drank so much Vino..But I must say that was the best week of my life.

I got a little worried because when we arrived in Rome, my bags did not accompany me..and my pain meds were in that bag..We had a full day of touring Vatican City ahead of us too. But it all ended up okay, i wasn’t in too much pain and my bags showed up that night!

We stayed in the most amazing villa in Radda in Chianti in the Tuscany region. OMG! The views were spectacular…the weather was spectacular…the trip was spectacular!!

Now I am back to work covering Ravens training camp..long days in the sun but it’s actually fun. Today was a great day, I got one on one interviews with QB Joe Flacco..WR Derrick Mason and CB Dominique Foxworth…I am ready for football season to start.

This Thursday I meet with the oncologist to find out what they suggest for treatment. Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that I get good news, the docs have all told me I would most likely have to undergo Chemo, obviously that’s not the road I want to take but if that’s the path God has for me I am ready to push through and get healthy. Everything happens for a reason right??? We are all tested in different ways. You know, lately everything has been so good that I forget I still have a long way to go. I am getting my range of motion back, I have been going to the gym, my strength is back. It’s hard to think that I still have at least one more surgery to go, and possibly some heavy drugs. That it could push me back again…but I guess that’s where we build our strength from, not only physically but mentally as well.

After this I should strong enough to get an interview even from the most stubborn football player!!
Thank you again to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! Keep em coming!

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  1. You are amazing, Kristen! What a great trip with your family and what a fun day at the job to come back to. I'm keeping you in my prayers and can't wait to see you soon!

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