Good News & Bad News

So, I’ll start with the good news first..I feel great! I am healed from my surgery and feel pretty much back to normal. Trying to keep things as normal as possible for the next month or so until I begin treatment.

The bad news, I met with the oncologist this week to find out what my recommended treatment will be. She feels as though I would benefit the best from chemotherapy and hormonal treatment. The chemo drug is Taxotere. I would have 4 treatments, one every 3 weeks. Of course that means all the typical side effects: hair loss, lower white blood cell count, nausea, irritated eyes, weight gain and more. Then I will take a pill called Tamoxifen every day for the next 5 years.

How do I feel? I don’t know, such mixed emotions. I know this is the best treatment option for me to lower any chance of the cancer coming back down the road, either as breast cancer or some other kind. Although they completely removed the tumor, when you have cancer, some of those cells tend to break off and travel through your body. There is always a chance for some to mutate somewhere else in my body. The Chemo plus continued hormonal treatment will hopefully kill everything that is left inside and prevent it from coming back…

All I can say is it will be an interesting next few months…it’s football season so I will be extremely busy with work, and I plan on working through the treatment to the best of my ability. My greatest risk is getting sick, since my white blood cell count will be low and my immune system susceptible to other illnesses.

It will be a tough road, lots of ups and downs but I know that in the long run, I will be healthier and stronger!

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