Thank goodness for research!!

Sooo, I am happy to start this entry with some Wonderful news. my last test results just came back and the doctors have changed their mind on the recommended treatment. I no longer have to have chemo!! The results stated that my chance of recurrence is so low that the docs think I will be fine with just doing hormonal treatment.
Wow, I still can’t believe how blessed I am to have avoided chemotherapy…the funny thing is, it took me a few days to fully realize what that meant. I had my mind so focused on chemo, preparing myself for it so the hair loss wouldn’t be so was so set on chemo that I didn’t fully understand what the news meant. It wasn’t until two days later, when I told my boss, that I realized I dodged a bullet. I had a renewed energy in my step.
This is my first year covering professional football, so when I got the news about chemo, my heart dropped. I knew my energy would be zapped and it would be a tough season. But now??? I can’t wait!

As most of you know I am walking in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure this October in Hunt Valley, MD. I solicited many of you for donations (keep em coming!!) and the generosity has been mind blowing. I set a goal of $1000, but I apparantly underestimated you all. I raised over $5000 in two I have an infinite goal…lets just raise as much as we can. A lot of that money is used for breast cancer research…and I strongly feel that thanks to the money raised, and the research that has been done to develop new tests, helped me avoid chemo. The decision was all based on that one test! So keep the donations coming, it’s all for a great cause!!

Thank you to everyone who has donated, those of you that are already participating in races around the country.
A big thank you to everyone for your prayers. It is thanks to your faith and support that such good news has come my way!!

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